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    Yea, size the TXV for the condensing unit.

    What blower is under that 3.5 ton coil.

    What cfm did you set the blower for.

    If you have the model number of the condenser, I can tell you what size piston YORK wants for that condenser, but can't say for sure that bryant has that size.

    But a TXV would be best now, if your not going to change the coil.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    I guess nobody had anything to say when you got on your soap box.

    Don't you hate it when you post something you want everybody to read, and then someone posts, causing it to add another page and then noone reads it at all. lol

    I feel for ya. Hope they get the problem fixed. If not, I feel for the customer.

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    delta t

    by todays standards you are only 3 degrees away from an acceptable 17 degree td. as per the recent trane seminar i attended. Old days we wanted 20 for perfection. now they say 17 great. Antway you got extra half ton of air accross coil. probably return through wall and a cheap filter slow the blower down to med or med low speed and adjust charge with good charging slide rule or chart for fixed pistons. voila problem solved. be sure you dont have a heat strip stuck on if it has strips

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    let me make this clear to you
    we do learn from our mistakes for sure. i was mostly talking about the guy that send you and the instaler key word installed to change the coil out. then to add to the problem he send a helper with him and expected you both to be able to charge a miss matched system. then you daid the boss was going to go and fix the unit instead of explaining what it might be. then you come here and ask questions he wont answer. daaa now who is being put on the block here. the installer did his job and you helped him do it. where have you hear anything about his or your abilaty to install. your boss should have sent a service tech to set up the nuit knowing it would be tuff to do bing a miss match.everyone here if read right has tried to tell you the ins and out of missmatch systems and what you can do to over come and make it work. i even complimented you on you incentive. yes been there and fixed the problem that is why i can tell you how or what to try. cant count how many times and how many problems i have come across over the years. and just for the record i do not have my own co. i have worked my way up from helper to service manager and i still go out and do service calls every day.
    read my name tinknockerservice 15 years sheet medal workers international union local 22 now 27 and 17 years service and i havent a clue anymore how much schooling
    so get off you high horse and learn or stop reading between the lines. you have a lot to learn before you can ***** any of us out

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    Originally posted by vapor_rush
    I think that's where the problem is. The condenser is a York, and the coil a Bryant.
    did you say you put the piston from a york in a bryant? did it match fit in right?

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    Originally posted by vapor_rush

    With that said, I have not heard what, if anything, was done to correct the problem. Some of you are saying TXV.

    Would that be sized for the condenser?

    Thanks again!

    The solution is change the coil, applogize to the HO for the inconvienence and move on with the acceptance that it was a learning experience that cost a whole lot more than a training class would have.

    Yes, you do walk away from jobs where you are asked to do something that will cause you problems down the road.

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    i have to disagree i work for a contractor and do not agree with a lot of things he does. the sad part is you have to learn somewhere and this is a good learning exp for you. should you have known this was wrong ? no you don't have the exp to know right from wrong.. take it as a lesson,read up on anything you can get you're hands on and when you know enough to tell the difference between right and wrong speak up.. check out carrier website they have info on there you can order on line. start with the basics and go from there..

    as for people calling you a hack don't even consider letting it get under you're skin. it seems to make people feel better to belittle others. i'm sure someone will have something negative to say about me encouraging you. good luck and wether or not others realize it you have to hold down a job don't be like a some people in this trade and jump from company to company. find a good place,stay and learn all you can.good luck

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