Geo, I re-read your first post and want to approach from a different angle:

>>I believe it is always better for the environment and energy to use
>>heat transfer to heat home regardless of the upfront cost.

Are you only thinking about heating? Are you ignoring cooling? What if anything would you intend to do about humidity removal in a hot-humid climate?

Still think you should regret saying upfront cost does not affect the end conclusion. Nuclear power plants have always had very low fuel costs, fairly good operating and maintenance (O&M) costs, it's the capital cost which has in the past made it such a high price electricity source. In every case that capital cost must be paid off by the end of the plant life. With both nuclear plants and geothermal heating/cooling, the upfront cost is an item which deserves to be amortized over the life of the system.

Regards -- P.Student