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Thread: HRV/ERV hoods ?

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    Looking for "quality" HRV/ERV intake/exhaust hoods.
    6" with built in 1/4" screen, siding flange would be nice too.
    Local supply houses are clueless, cant locate online either,

    Any recomendations,

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    Vurtually any sheet metal supply house in Canada, especially those who sold HRVs.

    Why not ask your HRV manufacturer.
    The way we build has a greater impact on our comfort, energy consumption and IAQ than any HVAC system we install.

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    It may be challenging to find a 6" hood with a siding flange. Get a quality hood and have the siding guy install j-channel around the hood. The siding can then be cut to fit and slid into the j-channel. Please forgive me but I think I seen 6" plastic louvered hoods in home depot. industrial espionage exercise.

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    You would think The larger HVAC supply houses would carry ?

    It gets worse, I am the builder, not a HVAC sub, though I do have an account at the larger 2 Suppliers (R.E. Michal, Carrier Mid Atlantic).

    After going through 3 HVAC subs, I come to the conclusion that if this ERV is going in, I will be installing it, I DONOT WANT TO, but no HVAC sub around has a clue.

    I have talked to over 6 HVAC techs/subs in the last few weeks, none have ANY experiance with HRV/ERV's (3 personal friends own HVAC company's) When I called the supply house for intake/exhaust hoods, He did not know what I meant, I tried to explain, He said they donot have anything like that, just "flappers" for down drafts. I asked what all the other guys used for HRV/ERV's, He said they have never sold one and he has never heard of one being installed.

    I dropped down to R.E. Michal pick up a return register box the next day (I wanted to put the return box in and drop a leg into the basement for the tinman, before I rocked the wall on a remodel job. The counter man gave Me a dumb look ?? Return Box? whats that? (explain) Why would you duct a return in the wall code does not require it ??

    That is the whole problem with HVAC in this area Subs ONLY know how to do what code requires and nothing more, supply houses ONLY carry what code requires and nothing more.

    As a builder I have BETTER THING TO DO, than redoing HVAC.

    Sorry for the rant,
    This "lowest bidder" mentality is making me sick.

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    Well Nick,you're be the first builder I have herd in along time say there tired of the lowest bidder.
    My experience with you guys is that all you're looking for.

    I'm going to help you out.

    Call in speaks to Ken Quick at this number he'll be able to
    gets you what you need. 703-255-1259.

    I'm doing a house now for a customer that does alot of strips malls.Any way i'm in there working and he say don,I have brought alot of people in here to check out your work
    and all of them say you are a true craftsman.That they dont
    see this type of quality work no more.

    My answer to him was,well you remember all thos strips mall
    you let me bid on,and you remember that you told me you found a guy that could do them for 3000 dollars less then
    myself.he said yes.I say do you remember what you said to me about why you went on ahead in let him have the jobs.
    he said yes i not looking for that type of quality work that you do on that type of building.

    I said well there you go that why you dont see many guys like me anymore,you guys are no longer willin to paid for it.We reap what we sow.Do you agree?

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    topeka ks
    they have them at graingers

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    Pinning the damper open on a Broan 13.5 X 3.5 Exhaust hood works for a fresh air inlet. Also Therma-Stor has the conventional fresh air inlets. 800 533 7533

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    Look at the "white metallic hoods" at EFI. They're good quality.

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