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    I rebuild heat pumps for an assisted living complex and these are of the horizontal slide in type. They are connected to a water source that is suppose to maintain a constant 67 degree water temp.The problem is that each pump will put out various degrees of cooling/heat.The water temp is the same through out the building.I guess my real question would be.. could the water canister that is with each pump be the problem child? It seems to be a nonservisable devise.Could buildup of mineral deposits maybe keep the unit from extracting enough heat? I change the compressor,reversing valve,filter drier,clean the coil, and change all the electric components but rarely do I get a completed unit to perform like the way I believe it should.Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also I want to point out that the company that made these heatpumps went out of buisness so getting new water tanks is probably going to be impossable. Thank you.

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    Originally posted by mickyj
    It seems to be a nonservisable devise.Could buildup of mineral deposits maybe keep the unit from extracting enough heat? Thank you.
    Yes that is probable.Also charge levels and airflow will have an effect,among other things.

    How big a difference are we talking about?

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    a good plumbing contractor or steel fabrication shop could make new tanks -- or tell you where to get one --

    take pic -- ask around --
    better would be to take unit

    tank material?
    # openings size of each? where located?

    is water in loop treated?

    cooling only?

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    Whats the waters delta.
    Can you check the gpm for the water.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Flushing heatpump water coil

    I picked up some scale remover but haven't quite figured out how to flush it through.Has any one used it before? I think it has to be pumped through but I haven't figured out how I'm going to do that concidering it is made with hydrocloric acid.Thanks in advance!

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    I use a 5 gallon container with a hole in the lid, I drop a small acid, submersible pump down in the container which is filled above the pump with the scale remover. I then connect the tubing from the pump to one end and other tube back to the container as a return. The container, pump and tubing is all reusable.

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