I had two 13 seer Goodman evap's installed 2 years ago to go with my Carrier condensor's. While I've been concerned about the quality of the Goodman units, I'm more concerned that the installers did not resize the piston or coil. They claimed that since I was replacing equivalent tonnage condensors, this was not needed. I now know this was wrong, but kind of late.

Anyhow, during my initial startup this week in preparation for the hot AZ summer, the fan motor on one of the two units failed to spin though the compressor worked. I called the AC company and all it took was a simple nod with a screwdriver. Cost was $75. Everything seems to work now at every startup.

My question is, is this normal or indicative of an issue? The motors are standard AO Smith issue.

The other thing that got me was my inquiry about replacement. The unit has a 5 year parts warranty, but labor is no longer covered. The AC guy told me it would be about $400 labor to replace the fan motor because of the paperwork and the fact that they do not stock parts and would have to take the motor off, drive to the parts store, get an exchange and then come back, all the time while on the clock. This cannot be standard protocol, is it?