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    I bought a replacement HSI (IG101) recently, and my parts guy carefully inspected the new part before selling it to me, stating that he wanted to make sure it wasn't already cracked. I appreciated that.

    Now, my question: When I removed my failed ignitor, just for fun, I wanted to see how brittle these things really are. Turns out I could flex it quite a bit before it broke (its a spiral type.) Are these things most sensitive during the manufacturing process, or when they've cooled down after manufacturing, or after they've had some wear and tear on them, or are they sensitive only while they're energized? Despite having thousands of cycles on it, the old one sure seemed tough (but it obviously had developed a hot spot on it.)

    Just curious.

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    Dont know about your question, but I read from a guy who on a late night call without a replacement HSI, sharpened a pencil lead and stuck it in the crack, and it worked for a few more days.???

    Any one else tried that?

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    All silicon Carbide ignitors are fragile. Its very easy to break one while installing. I have never heard of inserting pencil lead, to get a cracked one to work. I keep 20 different ones on my truck, I haven't run into a unit that I didn't have the HSI for. I do not think i will be trying the pencil lead.

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    your not supposed to touch them with your fingers, something with the oil off of your hands will cause premature failure.

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    hsi are very fragle maybe if you try to bend one it might be hard to break dont know mever tryed. do know just hit the frame or burner so slightly and it breaks one thing i learned at a comfortmaker seminoryears ago and it has proven to be true every time fire the unit and put an anp probe on the ignitor if it dram more then 3 anps it should not be a problem that season if it is less than 3 even 2.99 change it i have ignored this and did wind up changeing it with in 2 months evry time.

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    Thumbs down

    Just my opinion. And you know what they say about opinions.
    But. I'll keep my message short and to the point. Your spelling leaves much to be desired. It sucks

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    Originally posted by airworx
    your not supposed to touch them with your fingers, something with the oil off of your hands will cause premature failure.
    I took a White-Rogers class the other day, and the instructor said that it's basically an old wives tale. He rubbed on on his forehead (to get a LOT of oil), then fired it up. It worked just fine.

    I don't think I'll be trying my luck by doing this any time soon though because I don't feel like going back in two weeks to get proof that he was wrong. lol.

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