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    Let me start off by saying I love deer meat but have not had any of my own in years. A friend of mine gave me a deer roast and a few steaks and I have no clue how to cook them. I know I need to soak it in salt water for 24 hours to remove the gamy taste but from there I am lost. Any suggestions ?

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    I dont know about salt water marinating ,but I do know that it is better to cook it as slow as possible.

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    I dont know about the salt water,but I do know that low heat and slow cooking is the way to go with venison

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    ref just cook it like you would a beef steak or roast.
    wife adds a small amount of sugar when she cooks deer to take out "gamy" taste
    and like jacob said slow and keep it moist or it will get tough real quick.

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    With the steaks, trim any fat or "silver skin", the membranes. These give it the gamey flavor. Venison is very lean, so DO NOT over cook it. Well done venison steaks are very tough and dry. Medium is max.

    Because it is so lean, Marinading or pounding will make it more tender.

    Here's my favorite steak method. Pound all steaks quite thin, 3/8" or less. Trim fat and membranes. Dip steaks in flour, coat both sides. Heat skillet to medium heat, add some oil, I like olive oil, enough to just cover the bottom of the skillet.
    Add steaks. Cook until blood rises on top of steaks, then flip and cook a little more. Try some onions in the oil, too.

    My wife doesn't like this. She prefers thick steaks marinaded in italian dressing, grilled or broiled.

    The roast, cook it long and wet. A covered pot roast or a crock pot is excellent. Because it tends to be dry, you must keep some liquid on it. My wife likes to cut up potatos and onions (Turnips are better than potatos) and put them in the crock pot all day. Bay leaf, pepper...

    Venison has a gamey flavor if you don't eat it often. We never buy beef, and now I think the cows taste funny! I got 4 deer this year, and my wife got one. We are out of steaks and almost out of backstrap, but we still have some ground meat and roasts.

    Don't soak them in salt water, I tried and it tasted like salt. I've heard soaking in milk is better, but I never tried it. Just trimm all the white stuff you can.

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