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Thread: Old Text Books

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    Maybe not "books" as such but I also like looking through old catalogs and magazines. I have an old 60's Snap-On tool catalog, particularly amusing are the drawings of mechanics, etc. with that cheesy smile often seen in 60's ads. Old copies of Popular Mechanics are also interesting, with very complex build-it yourself projects to make things such as a bandsaw with bicycle wheels, etc. I remember a project stretching over several issues on building a mini-bike, and another one on building a beautiful redwood canoe.
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    audel the advanced machinist by william rogers 1902
    lots of neat pics. of old machinery

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    A number of Audel and others from 30s to 50s. Refer to r-22 as f-22 (a newly developed refrigerant), and some stuff on servicing methyl chloride refrigerators. Back when they drew all that stuff by hand, amazing detail in some of those diagrams.
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