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    There is always one guy that taught you the most about your trade!Mine was a guy who was so unpredictable we could not get paid on friday because he would not be at work on monday,drunk somewhere.We got paid on monday and most of the time he called in sick on tuesday.Anyway you get the point.This guy could take a 20X8 piece of ductwork and a sawsall,without a measurement nor a mark,could cut a nearly perfect 45.He's dead now but he sure taught me a lot.

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    I was thinking about this very subject the other day. For me there is not just one, there are several. A couple of old tinknockers I had the pleasure of working with. An old pipefitter from detroit. There's a sales engineer that taught me alot. I went to him and asked about teaching me design. Once a week we would get together and I'd learn. That was nearly twenty years ago. He's retired now but we still get together now and then. Of all things a couple of drywallers. Laugh but I learned about business and the importance of a system in business. There's been a few others that did'nt realize that I was paying attention and taught me alot.
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    My dad and my older brother and my brother in law, got me started.
    Early on, when I was in trouble, a service rep for Carrier used to help me get out of jams.
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    The guy I learned the most from I only got to work with for a year or so. He's been doing this kind of work for a quite a while (guessin 20 years or so). He knows the basics of service, can layout darn near any fitting ever needed and knows tons of lil tricks to make the job easier. I wish I could have worked with him longer, but hopefully I'll get to off and on.

    It may sound weird but I've actually learned quite a bit from the green horns that have helped me.

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