Great post wormy
will look for damaged duck work.
when I had taken the high limit out I could see alot of dust in there, also I remember the homeowner saying about water around the evap box in the summer she said however i was there for a heat no heat call.
but I will check the registers they are all low to near the floor.
I can get my flash lite and my telescope mirror and peak in at the evap, and go from there.
they had one large return with no filter and the blower is right there not more then 12 inches from the return.
after all the GOOD advice I received here from everyone,I feel very confident, I can sovle the problem tomorrow and give them there heat.
I have a bad habbit of beating myself down when i can't fix it rite away, or when its a week end and can not get parts but this Could have been solved today if I put the volt/ohm meter away and checked the duct work, registers and peaked in at the evap.

its Great to have this site to come to, loaded with great info, and good techs!