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Thread: temperture

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    What is the standard for temp. difference between supply and return air?
    How good can it be?

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    heating or cooling?

    cooling 15-20 deg.

    heating, whatever the data plate states for a heat rise, shoot for the middle of that range.

    if a heat pump as opposed to fossil fuel, then, as a "rule of thumb" which doesn't mean much, in the heat mode without any aux heat running, at 32 deg o.a., the split should be around 20 deg. for every 3 deg. higher, add 1 deg of split temps.

    i.e. 35*=21 split.
    29*=19 split.

    this is not a perfect example, but only a reference.

    good luck

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    a good temp. is 15 to 20. Why because if it goes to 25 to 30 the evap. coils will start to get frozen.

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    Is your heat pump, in the heat or cool mode?
    In heat it will vary by the ouotdoor temp.
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