I'm finishing a bonus room above my garage that is 12'x42' or about 500sq with only 7' ceiling. The space is going to be a home theater and entertainment room.

I'm trying to decide between a mini split and a GE Zoneline 5500 PTAC in a 12000 btu heat pump.

1. Noise, even though the system will be on the other end of the 42' room from the main viewing area, I don't want a noisy system that would distract of the theater.

2. Useage, the room will likey be used 1 or 2 nights a week for a few hours and then maybe a party once a month. I was thinking I would save energy by turning the unit up or down between 60-80 degrees and just heating or cooling a few hours before the planned event. Is this unreasonable or will it cost even more to do it this way?

3. Pricing. The 12000 btu zoneline 5500 seems to be about the same price as 12000 btu mini splits. I guess the main difference would be installation costs. What does it cost to install a mini split?

4. Location, I'm located in greenville NC and it gets very hot here in the summer. Since this is an attic room, I'm guessing cooling efficiency will be a lil more important than heating.

Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.