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Thread: Nosebleeds

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    Our home in the Northeast has hot water baseboard heating. After suffering from nosebleeds and headaches all winter, we got a cold-water humidifier. Running constantly, it can get one room up to 33% humidity. Without it, we have 15-18% humidity. We're getting tired of filling the tank, and I don't want to buy one for every room. I think we need a plumbed humidifier. Any tips from the professionals before I consult a local HVAC installer? Do they make ones that work independent of the heating and AC system? What brands are good? What has worked really well in the past?

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    check with humidifier manufactors thier are some units you can install on your ac system and run the fan to circulate the humidity. thier are some draw backs to this to talk to your hvac contractor he should be able to help. thier are some free standing the self feed talk to you service co.

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    check out the aprilaire 350/360 models.

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