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    AO Smith Vertex 100 for heating?


    I'm replacing my steam heat and water heater. I'm wandering if the vertex 100 a good for both baseboard heat and DHW? my space is 1100 sq ft. I went to their site it's said you can use for radiant. SO it baseboard a workable options. Thanks for all you suggestion.

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    The vertex 100 is not a good option for you. Hot water copper fin baseboard requires 180deg water to put out the required amount of btuh to heat your house on a cold day. All of your radiant applications require much lower water temps to operate. If you are planning to change out your boiler, I would look at a Triangle Tube Excellance. This boiler will be able to satisfy your hot water baseboard as well as your domestic water.

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    I can't speak to your heating needs. I did have the Vertex GPHE-50 installed this year. (next unit down from what you are considering) I don't use it for any space heating. The unit seems built very well and had been flawless for us. At times we have pretty high usage with grandchildren or extra guests etc. We can take shower after shower, do laundry at the same time and run the dishwasher have never even had anything but hot water no matter what.
    best wishes

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