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    Is this still the boiler banging noise problem ?

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    fat eddy: Yes ...and no.
    The manufacturer has decided that the BANGing is a problem with the boiler and has agreed to replace it. At that point, I asked the installer to double-check if 187MBTUH input is the right size for my 2400 sqft home. He's agreed to install whatever size I think is appropriate. (?!) The mfr will ship whatever we decide on. (Why not? It will most likely be smaller.)

    Since several people like yourself suggested that we install 1 circ/zone, I wanted to learn a little bit more about flow rates. (I didn't really get an answer from installer when I asked.) I think what I'm finding-out is that the installer really didn't put much thought into feet of head and/or the circulator.

    Naturally, I'm getting a little frustrated. I liked and trusted everyone I worked with at this contractor. Other installers that tried to diagnose the BANG commented on the "good workmanship." But, since I now think the first boiler was mis-sized, and since I'm now finding possible shortcomings in the distribution system, the installer is losing patience with all my questions.

    I'm just trying to get it right, this time.

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    Originally posted by square2round
    Originally posted by take2
    [ deleted by Boss ]

    Hoffa - you are banned from this site.

    If you come here again I will contact comcast and they will promptly terminate your account.

    [Edited by Boss on 03-12-2005 at 12:53 PM]
    I can't believe he tried to sign up again.

    Some people never learn.
    We (me ) only attract the craziest stalkers......

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