I currently own a Burnham brand boiler that is a 240,000 BTU input. The house is large and i have been told that it is adequate. I am going to add an indirect water weater to the unit and have been told several different ways of doing it. I need to know what the "best" way is and what will be the most beneficial? Do I need it to be on a priority zone so the heat to the other three zones temporarily shuts off while this tank requires heat? Does it need it's own Pump or can the B&G pump i currently have be used? DO i need some type of circulator added? Any help would be fantastic.

My other is issue is what are the benefits to upgrading to a boiler with a modulating burner. I believe that it basically varies the input as needed and have been told it is the best way to go. Should i upgrade to a 90% efficient unit? What are the top brands in the industry. I always though Burnham was one of the best.

Please help a dummy before i spend some huge moola!!