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Thread: Sad days

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    Sad days

    I try to convey often on here to you friends around the country how difficult it is here in MI with the economy and such. Now a lot of the guys from MI, including me, who are on this site, were doing okay. Were making money and fixing heat. But it's not so for the majority of the population here.

    In another example. On the News this AM, an article about the closing of GM Willow Run. Opened Dec 8, 1941. The plant has been idle for the last several years. It's official closed date is Dec 10, 2010. This is a vast 88 acre complex. At it's peak, 14,000 employees worked there 7 days a week. It started as a plant that made the bombers for WW2, then later after the war was retooled and made many many many GM cars.

    Final Auctioning was complete this last week, basically buyers from all around the world, from China, to India and beyond came in, bought the contents of the building, such as the robots and everything in between for pennies on the dollar. The complex will be demolished at a later date.

    So here is what you have folks. Some say. It's the union guy leaning against the broom, overpaid. It's his fault. Really?

    This sequence of events has repeated here over the last 10 years so many times, it's just so sad. Plant after plant. Before long it's gonna catch up with us. It's here. That time is here.

    America. What do others think of us? There was an Indian Business man who was interviewed for this article. He came here to buy up tooling to take back to India. He was saying how he goes around our country buying things up and sending it back to India. He said. "this country is dying and the rest of the world knows it. so they are coming to buy".

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    I think a lot of it has to do with how the state is ran. Our governor goes to foreign countries to get them to invest and build factories in our own state. We have had several open that employs hundreds. The way the world does business is changing. Its more about making things for the world not just for your neighbor. If they are unable to change the world will pass them by.

    My parents moved to northern Michigan to retire. I know the problems you are having. They volunteer at the food pantry and help where they can. tried starting a garden center for those in need in order to teach them to grow there own veg.

    But the area seems unwilling to change. Dad has brought up several ideas to entice business to relocate. All shot down because they dont understand logistics or enticements.

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    D, nothing goes unplanned. All this sheit was orchestrated by elitists because our life style is not sustainable (and other reasons). This is just the beginning....wait until you start to see states separating themselves from the country (secession). The middle class will be a memory and so will property ownership.

    New world order, world bank, world government etc.

    Have a cache of food, water, and ammunition....youre gunna need it.

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    Just as you have related how bad things are in MI, I have tried many times on this site to explain "why."

    It's costs.

    The Indian businessman does not have the costs that Willow Run had.

    Billions in pensions and retirement health insurance.

    In India? Zip.

    Product litigation. A kid gets his had caught in a door, and he can't play piano. Millions in costs.

    In India? He learns to do something else.

    Harassment claims. Millions.

    India? Not a dime.



    In fact, NONE of the countries that see us as "dying" have the cost structure that WE have, here in the US.

    Someday, yes, they will have some of it. Not all of it, because they will learn form the mistakes we made, all with great intentions, mind you.

    We have tried to create a workplace nirvana. The trouble is, no one can afford to operate it.

    It's that simple.
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    You got that right coolwhip, it`s coming to that. Get prepaird.

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    Everyone(ok, not everyone) thinks armageddon(Good Christmas word) is coming in their lifetime. So far everyone has been wrong. The economy is showing some signs of life. The Stock Market has had its second strong year in a row and they are saying holiday shopping has been very strong. Things tend to go in cycles and nothing lasts forever. I believe we will adapt and survive........for now.

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    Not Armageddon...just drastic change, and not for the better. You will see soon enough.

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    The welfare mentality is 90% of what is killing us.

    Why work hard when you can get handouts?
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    My sad day was yesterday and it's non economical.

    Found out my boss is dying of Hodgkins Disease. I practically broke down and cried in front of him just before setting myself on fire.

    Carry on.

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    Takes 2 to Tango.
    Wasn't just labor and wasn't just management. Years back a group of GM workers went to Japan and were amazed at the co-operation in the manufacturing facilities. But the ideas they brought back were laughed at.

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    Welcome to the New Normal. We can't compete with cheap manufacturing so TPTB to maintain their 12% return on investment started to manipulate the one thing that America has still got, the Worlds Reserve Currency. They really got loose and careless with that. The FIRE, (finance, insurance, real estate), economy was doing great. But it was all flimflam. Screwed the pooch royal they did.

    Armageddon for America will come when the Dollar is no longer the world reserve.

    Expect nothing, yet expect the unexpected.
    Press on Regardless, Endeavor to Persevere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zw17 View Post
    The welfare mentality is 90% of what is killing us.

    Why work hard when you can get handouts?
    That is a funny comment coming from a union member.

    unions once had a place in the United States, but they have the mentallity that they are owed something and they don't care if they cause a business to close, but when it does and they lose their jobs, they cry about it.

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    This country quit working back in the 70's or so. We turned into consumers with the idea of tons of money through false equity in our real estate, the arrogant belief of safe and secure jobs, and the building of Federal, local and state government programs, none of which were designed to be paid for when the bills came due in the future.

    We are paying the price now. To accelerate this, the world through technology and travel has become very small. Those limited boundaries of the time it took to travel or the time it took to communicate that we once had, no longer exists.

    We were and continue to be our own worst enemies. The other nations, countries have know this for years so they have been continuing to purchase, for penny's on the dollar, our manufacturing products AND our engineering base without any of the costs associated with the money that we spent on R & D to develop those products/machines.

    Just think about this. No one of our elected officials in any capacity has done one thing to draw those companies back to the US. And not one has created and atmosphere in the USA where we, as individuals, can open and prosper in our own businesses of our choices.

    But they do encourage us and instruct us that the way out of our situation is to spend our money, most of which we don't have to begin with in the first place. And by spending our money for those that are still working, that spent money typically goes to support the manufacturing countries outside of our borders which only makes things worse.

    We certainly have the knowledge, will power and raw talent but we, as a country are just sitting around with tons of skilled workers living off the Federal Government or living off of an old system of pension/wage scales income designed to bankrupt this country. And it's happening very rapidly.

    Just wait for all the after Christmas spending news of how great sales were. Then look in your local neighborhoods for even more unemployment and business closings the first of the year. Makes a person wonder how smart we are as a country and who the news folks really represent.
    "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers it can bribe the public with the public's own money.
    - Alexis de Toqueville, 1835

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