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Thread: Back em up!!

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    Just a reminder to Back-up your hard drives!!!! If you are anything like me you have 100s-1000s of hours of work on your CPUs that can't be lost.
    I have had a complete laptop failure in the last week, to date Dell has change the motherboard twice, keyboard, video card, processor and the HARD DRIVE..........Lucky for me I did a regular back-up of that drive at the beginning of the month so I did not loose to much.

    Though I would give you a reminder and save you some grief if it happens to you.

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    The Dell from Hell, hear it all the time man,

    Dell sucks dude.

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    A great way to back up your laptops is to have a USB hard drive equivlent size to your laptop drive, and most USB drives come with back-up software or even ghost an image of your drive once a week to the drive and then you will never be losing anymore than a week of work and to get your laptop back up and running, run the ghosted image badda boom bada bing complete back up and going within at least an hour all software and files and settings. 20 mins a week could save your butt in some cases.....

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