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    I have a building with seven 7300 stats that all have been moved to one central location and I need to program for remote sensor. I have downloaded the manuals from Honeywells web site but there is no sections on remote sensors. The stat base has the two T terminals and I have run my sensor wires to the stats but they do not work correctly. Can anyone help me?

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    check the dipswitch setting on the subbase it has to be in the correct position fo remote sesor use

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    What series of T7300 stat do you have, 1000 or 2000? 1000 series is the T7300 A,B,C and 2000 series is T7300 D,E,F. If you have the 2000 series there is literature available online to help you.

    First, go to

    Accept the page , then type in T7300 in the Search For: box, then click the "Start Search" button. This will bring up all the results for T7300. Click on the link for the 63-4038.pdf for a series 1000 stat or 63-4355.pdf for a series 2000. This will give you the data you need to select the correct remote sensor and the DIP switch setting (series 1000) or the installer setup data to program the stat to look for the remote sensor (series 2000).

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    Sounds like you may be working at a theatre,I beleive there is a dipswitch setting under the cover and I thought it was two terminals marked S and S but I could be wrong its been many years since I have seen that stat.

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    you need to switch #5 onsubase to off for remote sensore

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    T7300 are pretty easy to set up and use, don't be intimidated.
    Your gonna need an instruction manual that comes with a new-stat.
    If I remember correctly remote sensors are hooked up to terminals T1 and T2. Please make sure you use a shielded 2 conductor cable for the sensors.
    The t-stat will need to be programmed to accept the remote sensor inputs. I believe you will press the heat/cool button and up and down buttons at the same time to access the program. then you will have to scroll to #22 to activate the remote sensor capability.
    Get the instructions and good luck.

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    Dip switch #5

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    Mardoman is right. The reason you've got such a mish-mash of other answers here is because there are several t7300 tstats, some old series, some new (and many variations of each). Likely, you've got the new style...and without the book/pamphlet you are screwed. (no one could memorize all the programming steps) (The new style only have 2 dip-switches, on the stat itself, which are not normally used.) You need the info that came with them new, or go to the nearest wholesaler and photocopy a set of instructions. (i keep a set in my truck) GOODLUCK.

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