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    haveing prblem with pressure switch after replacing spark ign board. unit will fire and rn about a min and then the presuure switch starts to act up and shuts the unit down and then relites till the board locks out. this is the upgraded board for that unit.presuure swith is .46wc .
    installed .40 from rheem furnace and unit ran fine till i came back with a new{looks like it was used}.46 pressure switch and the unit did same thing that it was doing after replacing board. had to reinstall .40 switch till i figure this out. measured vacume with magn and it was above the rating of .46 WHAT COULD be cusing this, failed heat exchanger? or just got a bad switch from anther lennox dealer it had looked like it had been used i might add.

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    clock gas meter and make sure unit is not overfired. could have been cycling on pressure switch for a long time. problem would not be revealed until new board was installed which now has lockout if switch opens 3 times during any 1 call for heat. if that fails to correct get "new" new pressure switch.

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    Other things besides pressure switch could be a dirty inducer blower wheel. The inducer motor dragging and not getting up to speed. A partially blocked port on the inducer for the pressure switch tubing. Also a partially restricted vent will cause switch to open.

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    High wind kit

    Check with Lennox, I think you looking for a high wind kit. a upgradeed Inducer is what it is, but that what will fix it.

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    sound like inducer\is draging a little it would be worth while to order a new one fron lenox
    i have noticed the g24 has had inducer problems and do just what you described by changeing it you will find it solved also the inducer kit comes with a new presure switch in it. i believe it is set at .35 wc if i remenber right your repair is only a temp fix call lenox suprot and they can help you get the right inducer

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