i'm currently in the process of getting bids for installation of a central air system into our home. i've contacted 3 companies and each carry a different brand. the brands, as listed in the subject line, are Carrier, Bryant and Trane.

as to your experiences, are there any reliability issues with any of these brands. granted a big part of the equation is proper installation. taking that aside is there a lot of differences between brands?

any suggestions on how i could evaluate one vs the other besides price?

the Carrier dealer mentioned that Bryant is made by the same company that makes Carrier. he qualified Carrier to be the top line and Bryant the mid line. what's the difference?

i am familiar with the concept of re-badging. essentially the same but slight differences to provide a lower cost. difference might be for example a metal casing vs a plastic casing. of course metal is stronger than plastic but maybe it's not an issue depending on what the actual part is.

i just want the thing to run as efficient and trouble free as much as possible. this is with the understanding that proper maintenance is continually being done on the system to keep things optimally functioning.