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    I got a call from a guy who wants to put forced hot water cast iron baseboard heat in his basement. He wants 5 different zones. Which means he needs atleast 2 circulators. He said he already has 5 zones in the house already up stairs.

    My question is what are the pros and cons of standard baseboard loops conpared to cast iron baseboard loops. What are the major differences installing and running the cast iron vs. the standard metal fins baseboard. Anyone with information on cast iron style baseboard forced hot water system ill greatly appreciate your feedback. I have never installed a cast iron baseboard system. Can you tell me what im in for?

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    You need less of it but you pay dearly for it and you need a special tool to put it together. What till you find out what it cost per foot

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    CI bb puts out about the same BTU per foot as fin tube, but obviously it's heating characteristics are different-slower to heat, slower to cool. Don't mix copper and CI on the same zone. CI bb really should be piped in a mono flo config, and if you are down feeding them like in a basement job, you need 2 mono T's per length.

    Pro of CI: You get some radiant effect, and more even heat cycles. It's pretty bulletproof.

    Con: Big bux, need special tools and piping is not your typical series fin tube style. Takes longer to install.

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    Is there that much extra capacity in the boiler? Maybe a buffer tank will be needed if the zones are small and they start short cycling the boiler.

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