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Thread: New guy here...

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    New guy here...

    I'm a home builder/remodeler in New England area. My new home has Uponor-Wirsbo radiant floor heat (a real balancing nightmare) system supplied by a natural gas Weil-McLean Ultra boiler. I'm on a quest to find a central dehumidification/air exchange solution. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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    Welcome deeger,

    Glad to have you aboard...I think you will enjoy this site, I know I have. You have definetly come to the right place to get info on HVAC, we cannot help a person work on their own equipment, but we can answer general questions and explain things to a point.

    If you go to the residential HVAC section and post a thread about your air exchange/dehumidfication question...I am sure you will get pleanty of information on what's available.

    Good luck and enjoy yourself.

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