As everyone knows just had carrier infinity system installed.
The extended warranty issue came up and I can't believe the 9% of system cost. Is this normal or is it that, I live in a different world? Seems on the high side to me.
If you had 10 100.00 dollar bills and spent 7.5 of them, would you believe it.
Carrier says dealers can set any price they want.

If you are a homeowner like myself, it maybe something else you might ask about up front before you sign on the dotted line.

System has been installed for a week now. Homeowners, if you can get past the sticker shock..My first thoughts on the system are fantastic. Had a couple of cool night (42 degrees) and never heard system as temp in house stayed at 69. I like the fact that no noise on low and very min. noise on high.
This system cost me almost double of just "replacing" what I had. Rheem classic 11 installed 1994
I know I may never recover all the cost, but if I recover the difference between the "replacement" and this unit, I'm money ahead in my book.
IMHO it may be money well spent. I will post an update when it becomes a little warmer and the ac side has a chance to show what it can do.