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    Has anyone integrated a York Micro Gateway into Honeywells Lon Station. The one I have is for a non OptiView Chiller which means its not Lon certified. Lon station doesn't seem to be real flexible. I'm worried about not being able to see all the points or control the chiller.If Lon station is not the best software for this application, what are some others. Is there a better software for a graphical front end that i can bring in multible Lonspec databases. I have about 6 buildings in this complex. I'm going to get Lon Maker for the setup process. Is there a simplier one. Haven't used Lon Maker before and I am schedule for classes in April at echelon, but this job can't wait. Got to get this one done.I should only need the xif which I have but its generic. I don't need any LNS plugins correct.

    Thanks in Advance

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    LonStation is very limited as SYS is so fond of pointing out. It's a nice easy product and cheap but limited to HW's stuff. I know of two Tridium guys using LonSpec and HW's LCBS hardware to do jobs and then bring them into a Trid front end, they dont use the building managers instead they use the JACE's for all those funtions. They love it and say this arrangement is vwry easy to work with.

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    Circon VI/NI is really easy to work with.

    You could set up graphical templates for all your H-well and this York gate.

    Everytime the Circon software recognizes the device it will generate the graphics automatically.

    LonMaker isn't bad either, although I wouldn't use it beyond network and documentation.

    Either way you are dealing with only one transferrable LNS database. What I mean is you could use Circon VI and LonMaker. Or, dump the LNS database in any other LNS based application.

    Why H-well didn't do that with LONspec I still don't understand.

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