How is it that we work all day with gas heating equipment that has redundant safetys to prevent gas flow if ignition does not ocur within a few seconds, even locks out after a few attempts.

We then come home to a gas stove that has spark ignition on all 4 burners that is controlled by placing the knob in the high position. It is possiable to turn the knob past the ignition position without the burner lighting.

I present the following seneraio,

A toddler manages to turn on all 4 burners without any of them lighting. A while later you smell gas and run to the kitchen, your natural reaction would be to turn off the gas but remember that inorder to turn it off you have to go past the high position which activates the spark ignitor.

I know that natural gas is lignter than air but it scares me to think that you could have do do this 4 times to shutdown all 4 flowing burners.

What are the odds of causing an explosion while attempting to stop the gas flow. Anyone ever hear of this happening?

What would you do, or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

How does this stuff get certified?