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    Quote Originally Posted by sprangdog View Post
    Do they make a smaller-profile transformer that I could maybe rig up inside the unit? Now I have a typical bell-type which is way too bulky to get inside.
    Now I am worrying that you may end up using an undersized transformer.
    Quote Originally Posted by sprangdog View Post
    I just assumed a high voltage relay would still work with lower-than-rated voltage. It will burn up too?

    These kind of questions is why you need to bring in a professional. This is a relatively simple thing to do; however, the assumptions you have made and your attempts are all leading to likely burning up a transformer, actuator and possibly more. If space limitations are such then one could mount the transformer in an external j-box and pull wire, or better yet get an actuator that is rated at 120VAC and get rid of the transformer. If your fan is so oversized I would look at putting an external switch anyway just to open the damper so you don't have to run the fan just to cook something little. *Just realized downdraft, so no fan then draft will likely go the wrong way, but* Then one could interlock an end switch and.....bring in a professional.

    We don't want a conversation such as:
    your insurance agent "Well it seems the electrical in your kitchen ventilator caused the house fire and since it wasn't inspected/proof that it was professionally wired your insurance policy is null and void on the damages caused.."
    You to your agent "Well I learned how to do this on the internet at HVAC-Talk and CM, ...told me how!"

    Good luck to you and you might post your general location, who knows maybe one of us lives near you/knows someone that does.
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