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    I checked the builder's Manual J and I'm concerned about it having no heat gain from the exposed basement walls. The wall is 53 ft, faces the west, is brick and has four windows and a french door. Also they have no heat gain for two 30 feet north and south walls where they start above ground and end below ground.
    They do have 3,100 gain for the basement and added latent gain of 4,500 for 7,600 total basement heat gain for our walkout basement. Also they have no loss for ductwork.
    Does this sound correct?

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    If the duct work is in a conditioned space, then the is no gain for it.
    So then is your east wall totally under ground?
    Sort of cancels most of the gain from the west wall.

    Do your self a favor, and click the bulls eye, and do your own load calc.
    Then you can compare it to the one your builder did and ask him and his hvac contractor about any differences there might be.
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    What percentage of the N and S walls are aboveground?

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    About 50% of the north and south wall are underground. They go from the corners of the long west wall above ground and finally go to 100% under ground on the corners of the east wall. The east wall is totally underground.

    Question: can you explain the grain from the first reply. I know very littly about HVAC.

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    Wink grain

    help3. If you what you ment to say was. What do the first response mean by gain (not grain)the anwser is there is not any heat gain (or loss) from the ducting because the ducting is IN the conditioned space.Hope we can help you more.

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