Hi all, I have enjoyed reading some of the posts over the last week and hope you can help with my dillema.

I Live in Wisconsin and have a 1300sqft home (built in the 1950's) and planing a basement remodel 1 bath, 1 bedroom, and family/living room a total of around 750sqft.I heat the main floor with wood (free standing wood burner)so the furnace never kicks in, which is a thermaflo oil burner 112,500 btu,it is 18 yrs old and has burned one tank (250gal)per yr for the last 15yrs.

Should I ;
1) Install a new high efficiency LP gas furnace w/ 2 zones 1 for the main floor and 1 for the basement.
2) Keep the old furnace and have that zoned the same as above.


I am leaning for a new furnace with a VS motor so I can leave the blower run 24/7 to help with IAQ problems such as dust. Leaving the blower on the furnace i have now would kill me, our rates are high.

Thanks for any input.