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    Bypass Humidifier on Downflow furnace

    I'm a DIY guy trying to figure out how to install a whole-house humidifier on my furnace. Looks straightforward for about every furnace except a downflow. Basically my problem is that the supply ducts are all in the crawlspace I think. I have the return duct going straight into the furnace, to the blower cabinet (I'm guessing) to the floor and below the floor is the supply ducts.

    see picture: (sorry its such a big file)

    Does this mean I have to cut a hole in the floor and run my air into the the crawlspace from the humidifier to the supply duct?

    I can't afford to have a professional do this or I would (just found out the wife is pregnant). If it is too complicated I guess I'll just go with those crappy portable humidifiers in the house but I would really like not to.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Unfortunately due to site rules, we can't help you on here.

    Suggest either saving up to have a pro do it or use the portables. Or tighten the house to increase your humidity and reduce your utility bills.

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