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    anyone have any ideas about what all is on the ohio hvac exam.and can you refer any study guides.

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    I am in ohio ,, are you planning on doing resi work or both resi and commercial work. Than I'd be able to help you. A House bill passed this year,, I have a link for it and will see if i can find it. Here it is,, You do not need a state license to do resi work but you do need to be licensed in the town you want to do work in. I have called Colubus to verify the if I was correct and I am correct to say that if you stay with resi work you dont need to be STATE licensed but will need to be with the cities you want to work in.

    Read the link and call columbus mon morning and you can verify it. Also look on web site for all the paper work you need to fill in to get your tax forms and all. Look for one stop it is called. Hope this helps.

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    Call the columbus office ask them who is doing the exams now, Then contact that party to see about getting a list of the books needed.

    They should provide you with a list of books that are allowed in the room for the test.
    Buy those books and read through them. Learn where things are in those books.

    And make an apointment for the test.
    Some towns and counties still don't require that you be registerd with them. Most Do.

    Heres the address and phone number to columbus

    Division of Industrial Compliance
    Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board
    6606 Tussing Rd - P.O. Box 4009
    Reynoldsburgh, Oh 43068 - 9009
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