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    Training Afgan border agents

    Good luck to the Afganies on their new border patrol program. Ole Janet Nobrainatano is running her fat a$$ around trying to pedal her brand of border security in a place more dangerous and rugged then just about anywhere on earth.

    Hell, shouldn't she maybe try to do a good job on our own border first. Typical govt bullcrap, what a waste of taxpayer money. Could some Taliban suicide bomber please pay her a visit? Any body know one
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    My guess is she intends to bring the new Afgan border agent recruits over here to train first as TSA agents. We can expect when we fly it will be Afgan recurits patting down our wives, children and the elderly.

    In fact, I would not doubt if such is already happening from the look of some TSA people. They don't look like they have lived here very long.
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