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    i am building a new house and am trying to learn about built in humidifiers. we are trying to decide whether to have the builder install it, or do it ourselves later. he will still run the water lines.

    should we just have him do it?

    if we can't afford it, are water lines all we will need preinstalled to add one later?

    what are some good humidifiers and what are the differences?

    thanks in advance for any help.

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    What type of heat are you going with,
    Most any forced air furnace can except a humidifer.
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    Which have you done ?

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    our builder suggests gas pack downstairs and heat pump upstairs

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    I would check for other options than gas pack for home. The cost of operation is alot more than split system.
    As for humidifiers
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    Originally posted by aircooled53
    I would check for other options than gas pack for home.
    This would also depend on how low your crawlspace is.

    If its a belly crawl, package unit would be best...
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    We use a lot of Aprilaire humidifiers and seem to have pretty good luck with them.We've use Skuttle too,they are also pretty good.

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