Thanks Noel.I think I follow where you are taking me.

Forget about series piping the boiler,because of the down
side of series piping boiler.parallel piping all tho better
arrangement still not the cats.

So the better option is primary/secondary,using the boiler
as a secondary loops?

My way of thinking was going with the buffer tank,so we can store all the btus and at the same time eliminated the need for the ho worrying about having to be there to stroke the fire if you will.I understand this does depend on how cold it gets outside.

I was hoping maybe with a big enough tank,we can get him to only having to throw wood in the morning and then again at night.

I think with the winters we have in my area the buffer tank
is looking good as well,your thoughts?

I mean, can we not charge more for convenice? $$$$