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    Hi Everyone:

    I received a price quote for a furnace from an official Rheem dealer. The price quote included a
    10-year parts and labor warranty for the Protection Plus warranty extension from Rheem.

    The only thing that struck me as odd was this. I was told that I would be charged, by the dealer, $25 for each warranty repair call. This charge would not apply if they were already on site doing a regular inspection and found something wrong.

    When I asked what the $25 was for, the salesmen said it was because of the cost to them for doing the paperwork to file a warranty claim with Rheem. Which I thought was odd, but the salesman was honest and admitted it was not typically charged by other HVAC companies.

    It seems to me that the dealer is being re-reimbursed
    by Rheem for warranty work, and that paperwork costs shouldn't be pushed to me. But I do have to admit that the company seems reputable and their bid was reasonable.
    (They were the only HVAC company to do a Manual J calculation."

    What are you thoughts about the appropriateness of an extra warranty repair service fee charged by a dealer?

    Thanks for your time,


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    Rheem has a $25 deductible they charge when a dealer does a warranty claim. It isn't the dealer's doings, he's just passing it along. We don't use Rheem's extended warranty, we use Equiguard who doesn't have a deductible.

    If you like the dealer, this doesn't seem to me to be a reason not to buy from them.

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    Find another dealer. He lied to you and said it was a paper cost fee instead of being up front and saying that even though they have a contract with Reem to do and sell the warrantee. The reason they join the programs are to increase their business. If they don't like the deal they make with Reem and any other company,why screw you for it.

    He said if they were already at your place they will not charge you the fee? Ha, Ha, they will just burn you on a nother item or the service call...They already shown their colors and want their 25.00...Give me a break

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