I am getting conflicting scenarios from HVAC vendors at the Home Shows. Before hiring an HVAC contractor, I would like to be able to talk intelligently, so any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am currently designing a new ranch (cathedral ceiling front to back and I-joist floors making duct work difficult) with radiant in floor heating. Possibly using Icynene for an airtight home. Possibly going mini-split for zoning and no duct work. However, I am concerned with ventilation. With all of the exhaust fans (2 bathroom, kitchen, dryer, central vac, fireplace and hot water heater) it seems I will end up with negative air pressure.

Can an EVR balance air flow with this much exhaust?
Is there a way to provide just a fresh air intake (w/ energy recovery) and use programmable exhaust ventilation (Airetrak)?
Should I go with a traditional ducted ac and connect the EVR to it?

Thanks in advance.