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About 1,000 years ago, Greenland was warm enough for the Vikings to colonize and grow vineyards. Today Greenland is almost entirely covered in ice. Tell me: is the earth warmer today than it was 1,000 years ago? Did they have SUVs and coal power plants in the days of the Vikings? This isn’t tough to figure out, people.
This is a fact. For a long time we thought that the Vikings had called the island "Greenland" to make it sound more appealing for others to come to it. Now, we know that it really was much more of a green land.

The mini-ice ages that occured between then and now just about wiped out Greenlanders.

It's still stupid to pollute our air, water and ultimately our food with toxins, but even that has been done by mankind for millenia. Those who drank water from Roman aquaducts or wine that was artificially sweetened during the Roman Empire and well beyond were subjected to overdoses of lead poisoning. Arsenic was commonly used as a medication and oracles were subjected to toxic gases in order to make predictions.

All in all, if man comes up with a "good" idea, we really should check it out more thoroughly for it's long term affects.