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    You have to make choices on every job. Distech (which I have installed) and Circon are fine companies with good products. The Databases are "universal" if its made LNS. But that's only part of the equation. What if you have to integrate to a BACnet Chiller. You have to buy a Fieldserver gateway and your $ advantage disappears. Now, what if you have to bring the job to the web (Plexus, TAC,iLon, etc.. you have even more costs. What if you have integrate an existing Johnson, or Trane or B.C. even more costs than the others. The universal database is a myth, any job with any level of integration will require a "custom" database. You should get used to the idea that there will be more than one protocol being used. However I do believe the power of the internet is changing perceptions, and in the near future we may see something like TCP/IP with XML as the universal language.

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    I can buy an iLon or fieldserver or a whack of other multiplatform gateways, buy picking up the phone and ordering them.
    If I want to buy a jace I got to cough up 15K to become certified. Beg/pay for a license for every module I want to load into it. Next guy that comes along to work on it needs the license changed to their name, on and on, and on.
    Big T is good for locking down the customer. Hmmm..., tell me again why is that big boys like Siemens, Invensys are promoting it.
    But again if you like it, go for it.

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    Anyway, it's called oBIX and it's coming soon to you.

    When an ilon is about $0.50/point I can buy alot of fieldservers for all the proprietary BACnet systems out there.

    You are too used to BACnet where everyone is doing their own thing. Why would an owner want to use it?

    Tridium is laughing all the way to the bank because of BACnet.

    Anyway, if oBIX gets kicked into high gear look for a change in Tridium pricing. With the way they license and lockdown, I'm surprised more owners don't pass on it.

    There is no reason in todays market to have a mixed system.

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    Re: Open protocols for Johnson Controls Metasys

    Originally posted by steves4
    You might want to take a look at our web site

    Sales call snipped

    If we wanted a sales presentation we would've come to you... and, plugs like you posted are specifically prohibited by the site rules... please read them.

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