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    I think I have done all my research adn had enough contractors walk through my house and give me quotes. So here is what I am looking for:

    13+ SEER Unit
    Honeywell Electronic air cleaner
    Honeywell powered humidifier

    Searching thru the discussions I am now thinking of getting an Aprilaire EAC or even getting a HEPA filter on the return. As for the humidifier I am still looking at some sort of powered humidifier. Although I am not starting to think that I should get the Honeywell powered steam humidifier.

    So here's the catch, I only plan to be in this house for 5-6 years. Should I invest in the EAC or the HEPA filter? I think that the humidifier is a good investment because my entire first floor has oak floors and I consistantly run floor humidiers throughtot the winter months.

    Let me know what your think.

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    Iwouldn't personally invest in a high efficincy air conditioner. Not if I lived in Seattle. Some hot state where equipment will be operating frequently, yes. I love EAC, especially Honeywell. Not a big fan of HEPA filters especially when it's an option against an electronic air cleaner. Honeywell steam humidifier (HE440A), that's doing it right. Personal opinion ofcourse.
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    answers to help

    A word of warning to the wise, stay clear of the honeywell steam humidifier, the elemnts fail far too often. It has been my experience that they fail every year. I like the Apriaire powered humidifier over the others out there, but look at a General bypass, they are far more reliable and will give you less problems. As fas as ahigh eff. a/c I ask why not? Remember you only but once in approx. 15 years so make the most of what money you have available. A high eff. a/c will always pay for itself in the long run. Hope this helps.

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    In a cool climate, especially if juice bills are reasonable, high SEER may not always pay for itself. We get into the 90s each summer with good electric rates. A 12 SEER over 10 SEER tends to run about $400. With a $24 a year savings for a 3 ton, many people will have moved or replaced the unit as the thing nears breakeven point.

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