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    I had a call on a gaspak at a lake house. The unit faces the lake. After a night of 35 mph sustained winds and high gusts the unit had a flame out. The unit is spark ignited with a combustion fan. Upon arrival combustion fan was running but burners were not. I checked all controls and everything appeared to be in working order. Turn the thermastat fan to on and fan worked. Turn thermastat off and back on and unit fired and ran fine. Is it possible for high winds to extinguish the burners and not allow them to light the second time causing unit to go into lock out?

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    Some units will lock out, if during the same call for heat the pressure switch is opened several times.
    Some units lock out after 3 open switch trips, some after 5 trips.

    It could be that this is what happen,
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    all inducer presur switches are very sesative rangeing in wc. hi wind can cause them to drop out sevarl times in a single call for heat causeing lockout. check with the manufactor and see if they have a high wind kit to prevent this. in one case with same problen it turned out the bvent was only 1ft above roof line i rased it up 2ft above the nears ten ft plane of roof and unit has been fine since

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