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    For a 2.5 Ton ADP heat/cool AHU, how could I matchup to a Goodman CLK 13SEER Condenser effectively? The Goodman evaporator for this condenser is a larger (3.5ton) A coil, while the ADP lists a smaller slant coil (2.5Ton).

    No ARI match for Goodman and ADP that I know of but would like to at least get 13SEER.

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    I'd give ADP a ringy-ding. May be able to compute something for you since 3rd party coil ratings are computer simulated. 1-800-848-2270

    Anything without a ratings is a WAG. My WAG would be take a 3 ton AH and put a TXV kit on it. Probably do better than the big piston Goodman coil.

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    Called ADP Tech. They do have some matchups for Goodman. For the 2.5Ton AHU they had a matching unit for the Goodman CLQ (14SEER unit) which should work for the CLT. In fact I have a suspicion that the CLT is the same condenser as the CLQ and Goodman upsizes the coil to achieve 14SEER. TXV comes factory installed on the coil from ADP.

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