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Okay. So then we then conclude that Islam is dominated by blood-thirsty murdering thugs?

I know there are moderates, but they are either in a tiny small minority or completely subjugated to the extremists. Either way, that makes Islam a powerful force of evil and destruction and death.

I can defend a few individuals who happen to be of muslim origin, but the thing we refer to as a "religion" of islam I have no doubt is one of the most evil forces on planet earth.

What you say about pakistan is true, they are still fairly new meat and have not found a solid direction yet. I am less concerned about the direction of pakistan than islam in general. Once again, the problems in that nation are also a direct result of islam/muslims.
I would think that a majority of them world-wide are of the moderate type. That gets shifted more to the extreme as you get more into the Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East realm. The extremists know how to control their population and make converts. The most effective way is to keep their population ignorant and feed them a twisted sense of reality.

Pakistan was a country I was most worried about, thought they might be heading our direction the past few years. The people running it sat on the fence playing both sides of the game until they found that they can also get bit by the radicals they encourage. I actually think there is an even chance they may go either way now. Basically it is a question of control and the hard liners have less qualms about the end justifying the means.