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    Just saying hello.

    Just dropping by with the casual hello. After 9 years of working for a mechanical contractor, I think it's safe to say this is going to be my career. Started as just a sheetmetal helper, moved to sheetmetal mechanic, and now for the last four years I've primarily worked on light commercial installs and changeouts. I have been troubleshooting my own installs if something goes array while under warranty, but I'm still learning new things everyday.

    I signed up for the forums mainly for the educational portion. I learn a lot from my two co-workers on a daily basis. They don't teach how to fix the problems I run into, but they also show me why those problems arise, and how to prevent it from happening again. So by joining the forums I'm hoping to gain a little more in my spare time at home, afterall it is my career, and I need to make the best of it.

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    maroon lazyboy

    Sounds good! Welcome and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!


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    Just saying hello.

    Lot's of thing's to learn, Welcome to HVAC-TALK

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    Keep posting it makes the site work!
    Aire Serv of SW Connecticut- Gas heat, dual fuel and central a/c systems installed and serviced

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    Thumbs up Welcome

    Welcome to HVAC-Talk DSF2010

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    Welcome DSF2010,

    Glad to have you aboard...I think you will enjoy this site, I know I have. Get your posts up to 15 and apply pro membership, then you can swap technical info with others as well as other stuff.

    Take care

    The statement below is my signature and just my overall feeling towards our industry and does not necessarily pertain to you nor this thread.

    There really isn't a legitimate excuse for not doing the job correctly!

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