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    26k electric trane

    Hi, I have a 1300 sq. ft. space used for a toasted sub shop. I am located in Iowa and have been told to use a 26k electric furnace with 8 ton of condensor cooling (split system) for cooling.

    We have a 6k toaster, a combination walk in cooler /freezer, two food carts, (20 each) floresent light fixtures, and an air cooled ice machine in our space.
    I have been told the heat off of the equipment should be enough to heat the space because the basement has office space and the upper two floors are apartments. The heat in the adjacent spaces are also electric. We are on the main floor at the end of the building.
    I was told 750 cfm was specified for outdoor air and the furnace would be g 77 degree temp at the end of the duct work. I will be in this space for ten years so I want to make the correct decision.

    I am concerened of the cost to operate the electric furnace in Iowa. Can you give me an average cost for electric heating? Would I be best to go with gas?
    My franchise is big on overkill so thats why we have the 8 ton cooling supply.
    I would appreciate any recommendations.


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    i too am in Iowa...welcome!

    unfortunately, there are many variables to consider...actual building size, buidling orientation to the sun, windows and sizes, what those other tenants do with their space (do they like it real hot in the winter/summer?), etc.

    i do applaud you on attempting to find the right size and application for your equipment, however, it really is too much to deal with over a text based forum. you will need to call in a company to perform a real load calculation.

    good luck...don't you love the fact that it was 58F yesterday and today we have freezing rain and we are salting the roads? i love Iowa! Happy New Year and i hope things go well for your shop.
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    call a contractor and ask for a manual N load calculation to be done, with all your specific uses and appliances.

    As said above comm loads are way to complicated to fathom over the www.

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