Ok, first I will say hi to everyone being my first post.

Next, I received an emergency call today. When I got there and turned the power back on the furnace, Lennox - MD#G23Q2\3-75-2, the ID motor kicks on. Does the usual venting, then sends 24V to the pilot and ignitor, now here is where we get tricky... ignitor is sparking like a champ but the pilot won't lite. My first thought was no gas, not the case, I lite it with a Bic Stick. Furnace burners kick on and away she goes. So I go upstairs and turn the Stat down. Walk back down the stairs and of course the furnace is going through the normal shut down procedure. Instead of going upstairs again I jumper R + W, again the pilot won't light so I use the Bic. This time I pulled the flame sensor as I have narrowed the problem to the pilot igniting. The pilot lights up with the Bic and now I have an approx. 8" bright orange flame going to the middle HX opening... Now I'm lost... I was thinking maybe a crack in the HX because my thoughts were back to the basics of:

Blue flame = normal
Orange/yellow = Too much Oxygen
White = Not enough Oxygen

Then I had someone tell me that I have Orange and White mixed up! Can someone verify that and maybe shed some light on this damn pilot?? Oh, I replaced the gas valve just to be safe with one I had on the van and pilot does the same thing... Thanks for any input!