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    Media comments on the Constitution

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    The Washington Post media head makes the claim that nobody can understand the constitution because it is over 100 years old. No suprise here.

    We have failed to teach history and the constitution to our students in this country. We are are now in the postmodern era where we have taught our students that there is no TRUTH only truths. That is, we each have our own idea of what is true and there is no such thing as absolute truth.

    We have taught our students that when reading literature or any other writing the meaning, the real meaning is in the mind of the one reading. The real meaning is not in the mind of the writer. Each of us decides for ourselves what is the real meaning. Therefore, truth is relative and absolute truth does not exist.

    Therefore, the guy from the Washington Post like all postmodernists sees the constitution as an old worn out document with little real meaning and nothing more than a general guide that we can each read and understand as we wish. Each of us is allowed to have our own personal metanarrative or story (personal idea of truth) that works for us and of course this differs for each one of us.

    And we wonder why our country is in such a moral and political mess.

    This is where our educational system has taken us. We owe a great deal of thanks to the NEA and organizations like the ACLU and of course the media itself.

    Hugh B
    "No matter how thirsty your imagination, mirages contain no water"

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    it's partially true that the Constitution is open to interpretation, the problem is, people don't realize the "final judge" is the public.

    we've been told that the "final judge" is the Supreme Court, which is false.
    the powers that they have now were never created by the founders of the nation.
    the founders didn't take that office seriously, the courts only had the power to attempt to strike down a law, definatley not create laws by making rulings.

    over the years, especially after the Civil War, Americans have sat back and decided the country should be run by "professionals"

    ...that was a huge mistake.
    we now have people making rulings based on favors and bribes.

    groups like the ACLU make their choices based on foreign Socialism instead of American political foundations.

    they are playing dumb, acting stupid, and leeching from the wealth of the nation that was built on ideas opposite of theirs.

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