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    I have a trane package. Either an xe 1000 or xe 1200. The blower does not come on when heat is turned on. When air is on the blower works and when fan is turned to on instead of auto it works. What could be my problem? If it is an unlit pilot light, where would that be located? Thanks

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    Its one of Two. And I am not good at 1 of 2. What kind of tstat.

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    Ok. It's sounds like you've established the fan motor works.
    So when you have the unit on heat mode at the tstat and set above room temp,does the main burners ignite? Their may be a pilot associated with this unit. However, it still may be a electronic ignition, either igniting the pilot or main burners. In either case, you have many components involved with no ignition with these types of units. You may not find a solution to your problem here, or if you do, it may not be one you'll want to address yourself. I'm sure some of the pros will be in touch soon. It never hurts to call your professional HVAC dealer. You may check and see if your local utility company offers free safety checks. The emphasis being on safety.

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    Turn the heat on and see if the burners are lighting. Since the fan is not running and if the burners are, the limit will trip in the furnace. The Tsat should not control the fan in heating. If fan is coming on in ac mode and fan "on" then it would seem tstat and motor itself are ok. You need to see what controls the fan in heating mode. It will either be a fan relay/ fan control or a circuit board with a set time delay to bring on the fan. Hope this helps.

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    The unit outside is does not seem to be expelling warm air through the exhaust vent. The tst is a trane. With the fan in the on setting and turned to heat, warm air does not come out of the vents. I am calling a HVAC to come look at it but did not know if this was minor and could be fixed myself. Do I need to take off the covers and look for ignition or pilot light or reset button or just leave it be?

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    Let it alone, the service tech will take care of everything.
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