I have to laugh. Reading the posts about AAM is like seeing a resume for a guy you fired last year and now, after a little spit and polish, his resume reads like the perfect employee. NOT!!! AAM is backward compatible because it is backward. Still using technology from the 80's and it's still horrible. Trending is a joke. Token passing, who needs it. You can't talk across different networks of a Sage. It's compiler is very weak. OK, I'm sorry, I was getting ready to go on a roll. While you can make almost any control system work in most situations, AAM is like buying a Yugo when you've never had a car (or been riding mules and donkeys). Wow, it's great! Then you ride in a real car, yikes, what have I been doing in the Yugo all this time. You mean, I can get an automatic transmission? Power windows? Cruise control? It doesn't leak oil? While I really enjoy reading posts from Osiyo, who appears to be a voice of reason and stability, having worked with this system for years, I felt I had to say something.