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Thread: EPA at it again

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    EPA at it again

    Greenhouse gas permits ? And so it starts.

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    Expect the EPA under the Obama administration to expand their power under the banner of "it's a national security issue"

    It's a security issue is the new excuse now for all sorts of government expansion of power. Anything to be safer is what the sheeple are currently buying.
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    Thanks for the reply.....

    Glad to see someone has picked up on it.

    Posted the info on the failed Shorebank which was taken over by the FDIC,quite a while ago.

    Regulation to the extreme is the order of the day and the EPA is there to oversee it all.

    Always follow the Money everything else is just politics for the masses.

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    The EPA is responsible for enforcing NIMBY policies on offshore oil drilling, necessitating drilling in 5000-foot-deep water, when it is environmentally much safer to drill in shallow water. This is a political organization seeking to increase its power, not an environmental one. If its interests were purely environmental, it would try to work hand-in-hand with local governments and stay out of the limelight.

    For example, look at how your local health and sanitation department deals with restaurants with bad practices. When an inspector goes to a restaurant and talks to the manager, he tries to work with the manager to implement proper sanitation procedures. Imagine how the EPA might handle it.
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