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    Ok tired of working on Roof Top units when its -10deg and winds blowing 40mph..
    So I am packing up in June-July and Moving.
    I work for the Largest Boiler Co. in Chicago(3ys),I am a union worker.I also have have working in a Hospital since I was 20yrs old(now 36)
    Hospital-- High PSI boilers,Chillers Absorbers,AHU,DDC,pumps,fan coil units,VAV,CAV electric Duct heater etc...

    Boiler CO--Power Burners,Boiler control work,feed pumps,hot water heaters,plumbing,electrical,DDC,pool pumps+ heaters,ozonators....etc..

    Very responsible,on time, clean ,personable...
    Can send Resume

    thanks for looking ,,any leads can be sent to

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    future controls tried to get me to move to fort myers a few years ago,you can try them.only thing that kept my from doing it was the mandatory 60 and over age limit for the entire state
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    Here is where I would start. You have you Local Employment Agent call Local 725. Work should be pretty good. They always need good people. I'm in Orlando and don't know alot about Miami, but I do hear they have work. The UA Local web site is

    Hill York is the Big mechanical outfit in town. Not real sure that their union but I tink so.

    Good Luck.

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    Still looking ,reclose to moving down

    any leads would help greatly..
    thanks for your time.

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    You might take a look at house prices before moving to south Florida. I was considering moving down for a teaching job, but after looking at what I would need for a family of 5, I gave up on it. As far as places with still pretty nice weather, but sane housing markets, South Carolina and the panhandle looked more promising.
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